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Thailand Songkran Festival has won the Top 3 Best Festival in Asia 

At the 7th Korea Contents Awards 2019.

22일 열린 '2019년 제7회 대한민국콘텐츠대상'에서 태국 송크란 축제가 아시아 3대 축제 인기상을 수상했다.

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BANGKOK, 24 June 2014: Airports of Thailand reports May data showed overall passengers arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport declined 14.27% due to prolonged polical instability in Bangkok.

The country’s main gateway welcomed 3,389,205 passengers in the fifth month of the year compared to 3,953,232 during the same month last year.

For the first five months of this year, the six airports handled 37.39 million passengers. Three airports set the pace: Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport 19.63 million passengers; Don Mueang 8.16 million; and Phuket 5.13 million. Meanwhile, Chiang Mai Airport received 2.66 million passengers.

AoT released details, late last week, revealing improvements in aircraft movements of 7.77% in May. Flights increased from 46,891 to 50,534. The entire system handled 6,664,278 passengers decreasing 1.44% from 6,761,358 during the same month last year.

Suvarnabhumi Airport registered a decline of 6.58% in international aircraft movements from 19,332 to 18,059, while domestic movements increased 12.76% from 4,985 to 5,621 movements.

International passenger traffic dropped 14.78% from 3,264,991 to 2,782,588, while domestic passengers decreased 11.86% from 688,241 to 606,617.

The second aviation gateway, Don Mueang Airport recorded an 11.48% increase in international aircraft movements from 3,441 to 3,836. Domestic movements posted a 21.83% increase from 8,052 to 9,810.

International passenger traffic to the airport increased 2.64% from 440,350 to 451,967, while domestic passengers improved 36.88% from 865,003 to 1,184,005.

The northern gateway, Chiang Mai International Airport, continued to show growth in May. Both international and domestic aircraft movements registered double-digit increases of 66.55% (580 to 966) and 8.79% (2,765 to 3,008).

International passenger trafic grew 71.07% from 55,221 to 94,465, while domestic traffic gained 7.74% from 336,993 to 363,062.

The southern gateway, Phuket International Airport also registered growth in all sectors. International and domestic aircraft movements increased 6.78% from 5,740 to 6,129.

Both international and domestic passenger traffic were slightly up 0.22% from 807,830 to 809,583.

Chiang Rai International Airport reported an increase in aircraft movements of 95.86% from 531 to 1,040, while passenger trafic grew 29.46% from 81,145 to 105,048.

Hat Yai International Airport reported an increase of 35.71% in international aircraft movements (126 to 171), while domestic movements grew 41.45% (1,339 to 1,894) in May. Meanwhile, overall passenger traffic registered a 20.47% growing from 221,584 to 266,943 passengers.

News source from: TTR news

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