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Greetings from the Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF) Organizing Committee

by JONY JUNG 2010. 6. 6.


Greetings from the Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF) Organizing Committee

Dizzily hectic times passed by. Folks who swore they would never again toil and moil for the KQCF have completely forgotten that annual pledge (?) and gotten together again. We’ve also welcomed into the organizing committee new friends who will help us to break out of the old frame. Thus gathered, we’ve created the 11th KQCF Organizing Committee and painstakingly prepared the festival.

In the Daehangno, Hongdae (Hongik University), Itaewon, Jongno, and Cheonggyecheon areas,
we’ve moved on, marching, singing, and dancing all over Seoul.
We’ve been more joyful as more friends have joined,
and we’ve been more empowered as we’ve seen, heard, and felt the passion and cheers of friends by our side.

This year, the 11th KQCF will kick off.
The more actively you participate in the diverse events
from the opening party, which will initiate the lavish festival,
the Seoul LGBT Film Festival (SeLFF), where you will be able to see rare treats from home and abroad including Asian premieres,
the fantastic street parade, which will fill the Cheonggyecheon area with our passion and pride,
and to the hot post-parade party, which will set ablaze the fever of the parade,
the more enjoyable and attractive the festival will be.

The KQCF is a playground for everyone that becomes more fun the more you participate.
We cordially invite you to that fun-filled playground.
So, come out and play at the KQCF!

11th KQCF Organizing Committee

no Parade

Time/date: 12:30-6:30 PM, 6/12/2010 (Sat.)
Venue: Berlin Plaza

Now, add yourself here (1 + 1)!
Instead of adding one and one to get two, we’re finally holding our 11th street parade. Even though the world may point at us and say we’re odd, we’re fearless because our love is truthful, we can be joyful because our pride is without shame, and we can be brave because we want to be happy as we are. Now, we’re coming out and going out at once. We’re going on an outing. We’re going out to hold hands. We’re going out to yell out to the world. In June, the World Cup fever will probably turn the country red. But, in love with the parade, we will paint the town rainbow. Then, why not add a brilliant color of your own here, too, so that the world will be even more rainbow?

arrow FAQ’s
* How do I get to the rendezvous for the street parade?
Just come to Samil Bridge (Samil-gyo) at Cheonggyecheon 2 (yi)-ga. As for the subway, you can take line no. 1 (Jonggak Station; navy blue), no. 3 (Jongno 3 (sam)-ga Station; orange), or no. 5 (Jongno 3-ga Station; purple). As for buses, you should take one that goes to Jongno 2-ga. If you take a taxi, ask the driver to let you off at “Cheonggyecheon 2-ga,” “Hanwha Building,” or “former Printemps Department Store.” Because there is no free parking lot reserved specifically for the KQCF, we advise you to use public transportation. If you have trouble finding the assembly area, please call 0505-303-1998.

* Can I change into costumes and/or put on makeup at the site?
Face painting, stage makeup, and change of clothing are all possible at the site of the KQCF and free of charge. The dressing room and the changing room will be provided in the form of booths near the stage for the opening ceremony. For the booths’ precise locations, please ask the volunteer activists. All facilities will be open from 11 AM. However, you may have to wait longer as the time for the street parade approaches. So, if you wish to put on makeup and/or a costume for the parade, you may need to arrive earlier.

* What do we do after the street parade?
Once we turn around Cheonggyecheon (stream) and return to the starting point, congratulatory performances will follow. Even after the hour-long event, you can savor and continue the excitement at the post-parade party. Free shuttle buses will take you to the party venue.

arrow Guidelines and precautions regarding video recording and photography
- You may cover, video record, and/or photograph the KQCF and its participants only after you have been issued an official press card.
- Without an official press card, you may not cover, video record, and/or photograph the KQCF and any of its participants.
- Not only reporters from the press and the media but also individuals who wish to cover, video record, and/or photograph the KQCF and its participants must be issued an official photography permission ID card, which is distinct from the official press card.
- Starting this year, the KQCF has abolished the stickers and red ribbons that were used in previous years to indicate the wearers’ refusal to be video recorded and/or photographed. Consequently, those who wish to cover, video record, and/or photograph the KQCF and its participants must be all the more cautious to avoid violating others’ right of likeness and right to privacy.

arrow Information on the issuance of the Press Card and the Photography Permission ID Card
- Both cards will be issued during 12 PM-4 PM only.
- A separate card issuance booth will be set up. To be issued either card, please visit the booth, which will be near the stage for the opening ceremony, on the day of the street parade.
- To be issued either card, please come to the booth, disclose your identity, affiliation, and reason for wishing to cover, video record, and/or photograph the KQCF and its participants, be briefed on the application form and the use of the cards, and indicate that you have understood all of the precautions and rules by signing your name.
- Many participants in the street parade do not wish to be video recorded and/or photographed. Please bear this in mind to avoid disputes regarding the violation of the right of likeness.
- Any refusal to be video recorded and/or photographed means that the individual concerned does not wish to be made public not only through the television and printed publications including newspapers and magazines but also personal blogs/homepages and members-only Internet cafes/communities. You may not make any use of video recordings and/or photographs that include individuals whose consent to be video recorded and/or photographed has not been directly confirmed. If you must make use of them for ineluctable reasons, please pixelize the video recordings and/or photographs in question so that the individuals whose consent to be thus video recorded and/or photographed has not been directly confirmed are unrecognizable to everyone.
Two Parties of the 2010 KQCF
Opening Party “G Revolution” and Main Party “Touch”

no KQCF Opening Party : “G Revolution”
Finally, the long-awaited 2010 KQCF begins.
As always, this year, South Korea will be painted rainbow with diverse events and colorful attractions that will make you proud.
In congratulating the 11th KQCF, the first official event, opening party “G Revolution,” will be held at Club Lipstick in the Itaewon area!
Are you ready? Let's go! To Club Lipstick!

1. Time/date: 9 PM and onward, 5/29/2010 (Sat.)
2. Venue: Club Lipstick (Itaewon area)
3. Admission fee: 1 free drink/15,000 won (on-site purchases possible)
4. Program
* Queer Pop, House Music
* DJ line: Donkey Kong
* Star king Sumi Kim
* Gay and lesbian project dance teams
* Performances (drag queens/kings)
* Hot, sexy gogo-boys and sexy girls
* Rainbow goods bazaar

no KQCF Main Party : “Touch”
Continuing the high spirits of the street parade, the highlight of the KQCF,
let’s dance and have fun all night at Club EF in the Itaewon area!
“Touch,” open your minds and bodies and be free souls!
Hug, kiss, and touch each other, and come out with joy!
Let’s gather regardless of our sexual orientations and gender identities and set the last night of the festival ablaze with our queer party!
We cordially invite you to “Touch,” the passionate and crazy main party.

1. Time/date: 8 PM and onward, 6/12/2010 (Sat.)
2. Venue: Club EF (Itaewon area)
메인파티 약도

3. Admission fee: 1 free drink/15,000 won (on-site purchases possible)
4. Program:
* Queer pride pop
* DJ line: Donkey Kong
* Gay and lesbian project dance teams
* Pride performance
* Hot, sexy gogo-boys and sexy girls
* Rainbow goods bazaar

* As for the main party, you must purchase the ticket and enter the venue by midnight to be allowed admission (afterwards, you may exit and reenter the venue freely).

arrow Free shuttle buses to the main party venue
Free shuttle buses will take you to the main party venue (4 times).
On the road in front of the rendezvous for the street parade, a shuttle bus (seating capacity: 45) and a volunteer activist will be waiting for you. The buses will run 4 times, starting at 7 PM.
Detailed bus hours will be announced at the site of the parade in consideration of the traffic conditions.
(Because it is a Saturday afternoon, there may be a traffic jam. In such cases, the bus hours may be changed.)

no Seoul LGBT Film Festival (SeLFF)

Date: 6/4/2010(Fri)-6/8/2010 (Tue)
Venue: Seoul Art Cinema

Despite incomparably uncooperative external circumstances including the distorted and wrong views of and prejudices against sexual minorities harbored by older generations and conservative religious groups and insufficient funds, the SeLFF began as the main event of the 2000 KQCF and has survived and even thrived, celebrating its 11th anniversary this year as it begins a new decade.

This year, we’ve come back with the latest and select short and feature films from both South Korea and abroad in diverse genres including heartrending classical melodramas, exciting musicals that will captivate your senses and elevate the festive mood, side-splitting comedies, and standard horror movies that will blow away the heat and all your stress. Come join us for 5 days of provocative audiovisual extravaganza!

arrow Admission fee
5,000 won per show (identical also for opening/closing ceremonies)

arrow Internet sales
- Maxmovie : http://www.maxmovie.com
- Ticketlink : http://www.ticketlink.co.kr
- Yes 24 : http://www.yes24.com

arrow Using the courtesy card
Courtesy cards can be used only to obtain tickets at the box office, not online.
You can have your courtesy card exchanged for a ticket by presenting it at the box office of the theater and saying which movie and showtime you want.

arrow Box office sales
The box office of the Seoul Art Cinema is located near the entrance of the theater on the 4th floor of Nagwon Arcade.
It opens 30 minutes before the first show each day.

arrow Film Festival Events

arrow Event #1
Purchase LGBT packages in advance and double the fun!
BLUE Package
- Price: 20,000 won
- Contents: 5 movies of your choice
PINK Package
- Price: 30,000 won
- Contents: 10 movies of your choice
- Deadline: 5/31/2010 (Mon.)

Once you deposit the money to the designated bank account and e-mail the name and contact number of the depositor to kqcf@naver.com, you will be informed of ways of picking up the courtesy card.
Bank name: Woori Bank
Account no.: 1006-201-222229
Account holder name: 퀴어 문화 축제 조직 위원회 [KQCF Organizing Committee]

Please! DON’T forget!
- Advance purchases will be limited to a total of 100 patrons (for both BLUE/PINK Packages) on a first-come, first-served basis.
- With the BLUE Package, you may not select the work shown at either the opening/closing ceremony.
- Once the film festival has begun, cancellations and refunds are not possible.
- Package tickets may be picked up after your identity has been confirmed.
- Package tickets may not be doubly used for the same showtime.

To get closer to audience members, the 4th SeLFF has prepared diverse new events.

arrow Event #2
“I’m the programmer for the 4th Seoul LGBT Film Festival!”
From among the movies shown at the 4th SeLFF, which one did you like the most and what are your reasons? Be the programmer of the SeLFF yourself and share your thoughts with the audience members. It’s fine also to share any special episode or memory related to the movie of your choice. E-mail the title and screening time/date of your favorite movie, the reasons for your selection, and your name and contact number to kqcf@naver.com. Those selected, through a lottery, will be presented with gifts as well as a chance to introduce the movies of their choices to the audience before the actual screening.

- Deadline: 5/31/2010 (Mon.)

arrow Event #3
“See a movie and win a prize, too!”
Those who see the first and second shows each day will have an opportunity, through a lottery, to win great prizes. So, see special movies shown only at the SeLFF and win unforgettable prizes, too!
(one item from among wine, frying pan, pot, and lip tint)

no Special Events

arrow Glorious Wills: What Will You Leave Your Lover When You Die?
- Time/date: 7:30 PM, 6/8/2010 (Tues.)
- Venue: Sajeong Hall, Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group Chingusai office (Jongno 3-ga area)
- Eligibility: All sexual minorities in South Korea
- Sponsor: Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group Chingusai (phone: 02-745-7942)
- Organizer: Research Group on the Right to Form Families

arrow Coming Out Zone “Gallery G-A-Y”
- Time/date: 12:30-3:30 PM, 6/12/2010 (Sat.)
- Venue: 2010 KQCF Chingusai Booth (Berlin Plaza)
- Eligibility: All sexual minorities in South Korea
- Sponsor: Korean Gay Men’s Human Rights Group Chingusai
- Organizer: Outdoor Action Group

arrow Condom Cafe
- Time/date: 7-10 PM, 6/1/2010 (Tues.) (since the following day is the local election day, a provisional public holiday, there’s no need to worry about late hours)
- Venue: Boss (gay bar in the Jongno3-ga area)
- Sponsor: Seoul Branch, Korea Federation for HIV/AIDS Prevention
- Organizer: Ivan Stop HIV/AIDS Project (iSHAP)

arrow For a Rainbow Storm in Mapo! For a Whirlwind among LGBT Voters!
- Time/date: 6-9 PM, 6/2/2010 (Wed.)
- Venue: LABRIS (02-333-5276)
- Organizer: Mapo Rainbow Voters’ Alliance

arrow Exhibition
The Story of a Coming Out That Surprised the World 10 Years Ago
- Time/date: 6/9 (Wed.)-6/12/2010 (Sat.)
- Venue: Queerarch Archive Room (near Hongik University or the Hongdae area; 6/9-6/11); Berlin Plaza (6/12)
- Organizer: Korea Queer Archive Queerarch (phone: 02-743-8081)

arrow Lecture
Special lecture for the 11th KQCF
Professor Ted Jennings (Chicago Theological Seminary),"The Church and Homosexuality: Overcoming Homophobia"
- Time/date: PM7:30 6/9/2010 (Wed.)
- Venue: Auditorium, Seoul Headquarters, Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (seodeamun subway station line no.5 Exit.1)


Go to website :  http://www.kqcf.org/